Admiring the view!

Question 8

Why does Whitby have a whale bone arch?

The children found out that the people of Whitby would go out and catch whales. Locals would go out to try and find their fortune.







7 responses to “Admiring the view!”

  1. nic jade x ellies mum says :

    It looks lovely and looks like ur having fun enjoy girls and keep warm 🙂 xx


  2. Hasan's mum says :

    Hasan I hope your having a nice time at Whitby!!! It’s been very quiet since you left the house! !!


  3. Daniel khan says :

    Hi there to all!!
    It’s nimras mum and dad, also her big sister and baby sister laiba, musa is here too!!
    Just like to say have a whale if a time, make sure you have the best holiday ever, it looks like you’re having bags if fun.
    It’s making us tired just looking at those steps!!
    All the best to everyone.


  4. TO Isabelle Hargreaves Love from Mum , Dad and Jacob says :

    hello isabelle ( hargreaves ) looks like you are having fun , looking forward to seeing you having more fun over the next few days .love from dad , mum and jacob xx


  5. Gillian Anne Carter says :

    What a fabulous smile Esther Buttle enjoy xxxxx


  6. samirs mum says :

    It looks like you are having lots of fun.keep warm and remember to take your medicine.xxxx


  7. Melissa says :

    Hello Connie’s mum here. Whitby looks like great fun. Me Tom and dad wish we was there too 🙂 Missing you lots already Con. Cant wait to see more pics. See you Friday. xxx


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