Polly’s 9th Birthday

Everyone has had a wonderful first day, after completing our evening activity we would all like to wish Polly a happy birthday and we hope we have made it extra special. Especially as she is away from her family, all the children joined in the singing and we will share the video with you when we return. Here are some photos of Polly blowing her candles out. Thank you so much for sending Polly’s birthday cake, from all the children at Whitby!







22 responses to “Polly’s 9th Birthday”

  1. CJ's mom says :

    Happy birthday Polly xxx


  2. Pollys Mum says :

    Oh my, trying not to cry! Thank you for making it so special for Polly, we are missing you lots but so glad youre having a fantastic adventure with all your friends. Big hugs to you Polly. Sorry to all the parents who arent happy their child is having cake before bed! 🙂
    Tee hee Night night xxx


  3. Tina McCann says :

    Happy 9th birthday Polly, hope you have had a day to remember! Not many other children will have spent their birthday in Whitby with their school friends!


  4. Tina.......Caitlyn's mum says :

    happy birthday polly x


  5. lisa owain's mum says :

    Happy birthday polly. Mmmm cake looks yummy. Tea looked yummy also. Hope you have a comfy sleep and a great evening. Love mum dad and owain xxx


  6. Fiona (Nancy's mum) says :

    Happy birthday polly .glad that everyone as had a fantastic 1st day night nancy love u lots xx


  7. Julie (Emilys mum) says :

    Happy Birthday Polly! hope you have had a great day xx


  8. Neha Neha Neha says :

    Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Polly happy birthday to you:)


  9. Diane Kimber says :

    Happy birthday Polly x Hope you have all had a wonderful first day! Sleep well and get a good nights sleep xx Night Lucy x


  10. Bec c says :

    Happy birthday Polly. Love from Auntie Bec, Uncle Steve and Henry xxxx


  11. Poppy's Mum says :

    Hope you had a lovely Birthday Polly. Have a good night’s sleep Pops, I am sure you will be having another busy day tomorrow. XXX


  12. dawn jack mum says :

    hi jack it look like you are having a good time david his missing you see you soon xxxx
    love mum dad david xxx


  13. Mrs Forshaw says :

    What a way to celebrate your birthday Polly. Happy Birthday!!!
    You have all had such a busy day, I hope that you are now shattered and ready for bed. Sleep tight.


  14. Emily Barretts Mum & Dad says :

    Happy Birthday Polly, hope you all sleep well. night Emily lots of love xx


  15. Markos Mum says :

    Hi Marko!! We are allready missing you! Hope you are having a lovely time! Make sure you behave 😄


  16. CJ's mom says :

    Good night CJ xxx love you millions xxx


  17. Miss Brewin says :

    Happy birthday Polly!!! The blog is looking fantastic, it’s great to see what a busy day you’ve all had!! Have a good rest tonight, can’t wait to see what you get up to tomorrow!!!


  18. Alison says :

    Happy birthday polly xx


  19. danial says :

    good night hamza xx


  20. samirs mum says :

    Hi samir.
    John came for tea he said he will come on sunday.
    He said hi and keep warm it will be cold tomorow.
    I hope you have a good nights rest.
    Speakk to you tomorow.
    Love you and good night.xxxx


  21. Luke's mum,dad says :

    Happy birthday polly hope you had a good day has Luke fell to sleep only we haven’t seen him goodnight to all Luke.
    love you Mum,Dad,Chelsea&Mo x x


  22. herringthorpejuniors says :

    Happy Birthday Polly!! Such a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday!! have fun, love Mrs Roberts x


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