The lighthouse





6 responses to “The lighthouse”

  1. Annalyse's mum says :

    You’ve been so busy again guys, wow, what a wonderful day you have had so far.xx You’ll be ready for your meal.xx


  2. Isabelle Hargreaves family says :

    Isabelle what fun you are having in Whitby , you look like you are really enjoying it , mummy , daddy and Jacob are really proud of you …xxxxxxxxx


  3. Sam (Miyas dad) says :

    I am so jealous right now you know Whitby is my favorite place, enjoy yourself,you can fill me in on captain cook when you get back c u then.


  4. danial says :

    hello hamza amina missing u xx


  5. nic jade x ellies mum says :

    Hi jade x ellie hope ur having fun nannan says hi and payton loves the pictures we miss u both loads xxxx


  6. Miss Brewin says :

    I love Whitby, such amazing views!! Especially from those church steps you keep having to walk up!! Glad you are all having an amazing time, we are missing you at school!!! Keep up the great blogging action 🙂


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