Inside the Museum

The children are learning what life would have been like in Whitby through the ages. The children have discovered that the Germans bombed Whitby in 1914 and parts of the Abbey were destroyed.










10 responses to “Inside the Museum”

  1. TrishaWebb says :

    Hi Lucy, Looks like you guys have had another great day !!!!! Missing you loads, One more sleep !!!! Love you, Trisha xxxx


  2. Annalyse's mum says :

    You’ve had another really busy day Annalyse, looks like you have had fun, and also done some great fun work. xxxx


  3. Luke's mum,dad says :

    You’ve all had another busy day today and all had at lots of fun keep all the good work up.


  4. Mrs Forshaw says :

    So much information for you all to learn. I wish I was there. It’s lovely to see you all so engrossed in your learning. And the sun is out!!!!!! Yeah 🙂


  5. Jays mum says :

    Wow you have been busy today jay, the pictures are fab. The beach looks lovely wish we was there. Missing you lots and lots love you loads mum, dad & Joel xxxxxxxx it’s jacks birthday today so we are going to sing happy birthday to him later with a cake xxxxxx


  6. Fiona (Nancy's mum) says :

    Looks like you have all had a fantastic day x


  7. Joshua's mum and dad says :

    Another busy day today! Hope you have all enjoyed it, certainly looks like you have 😃 see you soon Josh x Love you x


  8. Melissa Colley says :

    Wow! Another busy day today.The children look like they’re really enjoying it all.Miss you Louis.x x x


  9. nic jade x ellies mum says :

    Wow jade x ellie it looks fab there wish i was there.keep having fun miss u both loads lots of love xxxx


  10. Isabelle Hargreaves family says :

    lots to learn Isabelle loads of interesting facts , cant wait for you to tell us all about it love you , Dad mum and jacob xxx


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