Beach Huts

The children went for a walk along the beach to go and see the beach huts. This is our design and technology project this term, we are going to be making them and using them as money boxes to sell at the Christmas Fayre.





7 responses to “Beach Huts”

  1. Diane Kimber says :

    Great sand art guys! You all look like you’re having fun. x


  2. Melissa Colley says :

    Brilliant sand art Herringthorpe Junior School.Look’s like your all having lot’s of fun.A big Thank You to all the teacher’s and staf for doing an amazing job with our children.x x


  3. Tina McCann says :

    Lovely to see that you’re all having a great time – keep the pictures coming!


  4. Sam (Miyas dad) says :

    Loving the sand art and the crab hunting everything I like about a British holiday thank you to all the staff and teachers making this a great experience for all the children.


  5. samirs mum says :

    Wow fantastic sand art.looks like you have had another fun day.
    Love you samir.xxxxx


  6. Isabelle Hargreaves mum says :

    isabelle , looks like it was fun on the beach today ? looking forward to hearing all about it . love mum xx


  7. nic jade x ellies mum says :

    Love the fotos girls they r fab xxx


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